ShineCam 2.50

ShineCam is a tool that adds visual effects to your webcam
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ShineCam is a tool that adds visual effects to your webcam.
It has a nice aspect and you can easily reach all its functions. In order to start using this program, you must select the video source. You can choose between your computer’s camera, movies, still images, snapshot images, your desktop, a blank image, or a playlist. After you have selected the source, you can start adding the effects. The program offers you a great variety of effects, from face accessories and full screen effects to objects and texts over the video.

I like the fact that the program automatically detects your face and precisely adds a mask, a hat or any object that you want to use. Some other interesting functions give you an ability to draw over the video or to add the date and time. You can add more layers at once, so you can create a unique design for your webcam. On the right side, there are some editing options that allow to modify the color or the grey scale.

This application is able to record a video, to change the resolution and to select the number of frames per second. Since these options are blocked in the unregistered version, I can't make statements regarding their functionality.

I can admit that I loved playing with this application because the available effects are really nice. However, frankly speaking, it has some minor shortcomings. One of them is a fact that the tool doesn’t have a maximize option. Another drawback is the lack of any available skins. Therefore, I think that this program has some useful and interesting features and it’s worth trying.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy to use
  • Lots of effects
  • Face tracking feature


  • No maximize option
  • No skins available
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